Local product Amanida Pagesa de Formentera

A dish prepared with the characteristic peix sec from Formentera

The ensalada payesa is a light and nutritious dish made with the traditional peix sec from Formentera - a hand-made product with a unique taste

It is the most traditional dish on the island; thanks to the taste and simplicity it is enjoyed both by the locals and the visitors. Traditionally, it is prepared with boiled potatoes, seasonal vegetables, such as green and red peppers, onion and tomatoes, boiled eggs, dry bread or bescuit (as one says on the island) and dried fish.

What makes this salad unique are the ingredients, of course local and irreplaceable products, such as peix sec (dried fish) from Formentera, the main ingredient, a sun-dried fish preserved with olive oil.

For the preparation, the bescuit is moistened with a little water. If no bescuit is available, you can also take normal roasted bread. The peppers, the onion and the dried fish are cut into strips. All ingredients are prepared in a bowl with Balearic olive oil and liquid salt from Formentera to enhance the taste.

You can enjoy this salad in the restaurants, beach bars and bars of the island, prepared and served in different ways. The only unchanging element is the Mediterranean taste.