Local product Sal líquida de Formentera

The white gold from Formentera with more than twenty-five centuries of history

The salt mines of Formentera are the wonderful natural scenario in which the liquid salt of Formentera is extracted. It is a small gastronomic treasure of the island with many benefits for health and is used to enhance the natural taste of the dishes.

The smallest of the Pitiusas islands is a unique place with large salt mines where the famous salt from Formentera is obtained. The strong filtration, oxygen enrichment and mineralization of the water give this product the highest quality. The salt has low sodium content and is the only salt on the Spanish market without additives. The salt is sterilized at -20 ° C before filling.

The liquid salt from Formentera is ideal to refine salads and vegetables or to prepare rice dishes and roasts. The salt is available in two sizes: 250 ml and 400 ml. You can find the salt in gourmet shops, supermarkets and gastronomic markets.

Enhance the taste of your dishes with the liquid salt from Formentera!

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