natural protected area Estany des Peix

The smaller of the two large lakes in Formentera, the meeting point between the natural environment and history

Sa Boca, a pond that is open to the sea at one point, has always been a shelter for low-draught ships and a place for plentiful fishing. On its eastern shore lie the ruins of an old penitentiary for republican prisoners of the Spanish Civil War (this location has been named a Bien de Interés Cultural).

The natural protection that this pond affords against storms has led to the proliferation of fauna and flora, turning it into an exceptional habitat. 

The population of Formentera uses it to fish and to anchor, and its waters were used to cure wood for construction and even wineskins. During the 19th century it was declared a ‘flooded estate’, and this legal loophole was used to privatise it so it could be used as a fish farm. 

During the Spanish Civil War and until 1943, its eastern shore saw the construction of a penal colony where hundreds of republican soldiers died. By the late 20th century it was returned to public use, together with the Can Marroig estate. Walking around it is a joyful experience, and its waters are perfect for kayaking and sailing.

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