Cove Can Curt

Enjoy a secluded beach overlooking the Cabrera archipelago

This bay of sand and rocks is located near the tourist center Colònia de Sant Jordi; the only human footprints you will find here are some fishing sheds or escars where the fishermen keep their boats and implements.

It is quiet, often solitary place, which is decorated by the small Can Curt rocky island. In the vicinity you can discover wonderful sea beds with the diving glasses. From the shore - 20 meters long and 10 meters wide - you have a wonderful view of the Cabrera archipelago. It consists of 18 small islands and islets, and is a land and sea national park. The beach is part of the Marina del Migjorn de Majorca Marine Reserve, stretching from Cap Blanc to Ses Salines; here stands a lighthouse which indicates the south to the sailors. The beach has no services; do not forget to take something to eat and drink. If you are fond of hiking, you can take a trip of 8.5 km along the coast from the Colònia de Sant Jordi to the Cap de Ses Salines via the Es Dofí, Es Carbó, Cala En Tugores, En Curt and Es Caragol beaches. 

To get to Can Curt from Campos (19.9 km) or from Ses Salines (8.1 km), follow the signs to Colònia de Sant Jordi and take the Avenida del Marquès de Palmer to Figueres street. There you have to park your car and go the way to Es Dolç on foot; from there it is another 10 minutes to reach Can Curt.