Events Dansamàniga, el Festival Internacional de Danza de las Baleares

The festival for dance lovers

Dance has more devotees in the Balearic Islands than you might think. There is a wealth of festivals dedicated to this art form on the island, including the Folk Dance Festival, the Ballet Season and the Dansamàniga itself.

As you may have noticed, the Balearic Islands are so much more than just sun and sand. Culture has always gone hand in hand with the islands’ tourism and economic expansion, and the wide range of performing arts offers a packed calendar of cultural events spanning all the months of the year.

Brought together in the form of festivals, a remarkablevariety of theatrical, musical and dance performances, as well as art shows of all kinds, offer yet another considerable and rewarding attraction for our visitors.

Dansamàniga, the Balearic Islands International Dance Festival was born in the year 2000. Its aim was to gainexposure for the work of small and medium-sized companies from across Spain. Its reception was so positive that after just a few years, the programme of events was opened up to international companies from countries such as Germany, France and Switzerland.

With a programme of between 8 and 10 shows, Dansamàniga makes the islands’ autumns especially brilliant. Performances are usually held between the months of September and December in the beautiful Sa Màniga Auditorium, in CalaMillor, and other highlights include workshops incorporated into the festival programme and street performances.

Dance companies that have participated in Dansamàniga include the Compañía Nacional Danza 2 (Madrid), the Youth Ballet of Ukraine, the Russian Youth Ballet, the Nuevo Ballet Español (Madrid), the Ballet of the National Opera of Kiev, local companies such as Ballet Jove de Mallorca, Pasodos Dance Company and renowned dancers such as Antonio Canales and Rafael Amargo.

The 466-seat Sa Màniga Auditorium has hosted events such as the Mallorca Island Council Performing Arts Circuit, the CalaMillor Festival and shows as legendary as The Little Prince and Tom Thumb.

Now the cultural focus of the eastern area of the island, this is a cultural centre of the highest level and a lure for lovers of dance, theatre, circus and music.

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