Events Fira de l'Oliva de Caimari

Enjoy at the foot of the Sierra de Tramuntana the charm of this small village hidden in olive groves.

Discover in Caimari the beauty of olive groves e and the exquisite oil production – a unique place and with lots of charm, where the liquid gold - the olive oil - and its byproduct are the main actor. The Fira de l'Oliva brings together the best of this sector, which is associated with the precious fruit of the Mediterranean.

Take a trip into the interior of Mallorca, where the traditional Fira de l'Oliva is celebrated in Caimari towards the end of November. Its privileged position at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana forms an idyllic mountain landscape dominated by the ubiquitous olive tree. Olive trees are an indisputable part of the landscape of Caimari where you can see wide olive trees groves with silvery leaves and gnarled stems.

Caimari enjoys a long olive tradition, which is not left unseen, and during these days the olive tree, the olives and the oil are the main protagonists of this festival. The whole village is adorned and its small streets are filled with stands where all kinds of local products, especially olive and oil, are offered and sold.

Olives flavored with the herbs of the Mediterranean sea, garlic or citrus; bread and cocas with olives and pickled olives; cold-pressed oil or handicrafts from the wood of the olive tree are just some of the products that will draw your attention in Caimari this weekend.

You will also have the opportunity to see the old museum-mill at work and get to know the traditional oil production process.

The festive program is rounded off with music, contents, tasting of other typical products of this time of the year, such as tomàtiga de ramellet - tomatoes pulled on strings - or traditional sports competitions such as the tir amb fona. Infinitely many events, so you do not forget this village.

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