Events La Nit de l'Art - Experience the night of the museums

Come and experience Palma’s night-time transformation into a huge open-air gallery!

All about the Nit de l'Art, the most important artistic event in Mallorca. Hundreds of artists in the streets, galleries and museums until midnight.

On one night of the year, Palma gleams with a special brilliance. In the third week of September, the island’s artists and gallery owners gather at dusk to welcome in the art season. The Nit de l'Art is here!

The idea was born in 1997 as an initiative by Palma’s galleries to share the enthusiasm with which the season is greeted. This particular recreation of the nuit blanche held in cities such as Paris and Toronto is becoming an ever more important event with each passing year.

The old town is transformed into an enormous open-air art exhibition. Bright young talents and seasoned professionals from the artistic community take advantage of every corner to show their work to the public. Bars, cafes, workshops, rooftops, facades of historic buildings, shop windows and balconies - each and every space is used to exhibit their works.

Joining in this celebration of ingenuity are Palma’s museums and galleries, which open their doors to the public during the night so that you can admire their collections. And it’s all completely free of charge. In past years, music and performance art have also found their place during this magical evening.

Each year’s event is unique and full of surprises, since the organisers (Art Palma Contemporani and AIGAB) keep the official programming secret until a few days - or sometimes just a few hours - before its start. This way they can guarantee that the Nit de l'Art is an evening full of unexpected marvels.

This initiative places Palma on the list of capital cities promoting avant-garde art and new art movements, preserving the independent spirit and energy with which this unique nuit blanche was created.

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