Events Mostra de la llampuga de Cala Ratjada

The festival for fish lovers par excellence

On the second weekend of October, Cala Rajada, the tourist center on the coast in the enchanting municipality of Capdepera, celebrates its traditional festival of the common gold mackerel. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy this fish in a thousand and one ways. Each of these preparations will enchant you!

It is an interesting gastronomic event, combining bars, restaurants, hotels and fishermen of the region, who prepare imaginative and tasty dishes on the basis of the common gold mackerel.

The success of the initiative is more than significant, as the number of visitors and inquisitors increases year after year.

Croquettes, fideuàs, paellas, carpaccios, tapas ... Come and find out which variation you like most.

The Common Gold Mackerel arrives at the end of the summer with the first storms, which announce the change of the seasons. This could be the origin of the name, because "llampegar" means "flash" in Catalan. During their stay in the Mediterranean, the common gold mackerel is rather small, and usually not more than 50 cm. If the fish is grown and lives in the Caribbean, specimens of more than one meter in length and 40 kg of weight are often fished.

The common gold mackerel has an impressive golden color, which almost immediately extinguishes as soon as the fish is lifted out of the water.

The event is one of the most important events of the year, such as folkloric desserts, habanera contests (habaneras are Afro-Cuban songs), a show of craftsmanship, and a trade fair by the shopkeepers of Capdepera… On Saturday, the festival coincides with the weekly market in Cala Rajada, which makes the festival even more radiant.

During your visit, take some time to visit the impressive castle above Capdepera. It is a simple and beautiful excursion. On clear days you can even see Menorca!

Now you also have the opportunity to embark with traditional fishermen of Cala Ratjada and go out with them to catch the gold mackerel.

Cala Rajada
07590 Capdepera