Events Playa de Palma Challenge Ciclista Mallorca

The event of the year for professional cyclists in Europe

Organised by Unisport Consulting, the first annual major event on professional cycling in Europe is back with the presence of the best Uci World Teams presenting their stars in Mallorca. The races will tour the island and show why Mallorca is a paradise for cycling at any time of the year thanks to an international media coverage and the spectacular images shown by the TV sports channel Teledeporte.

The Iberostar Challenge Mallorca has a special flavour, not only because of the race that attracts the top bicyclists in the entire world, but also because this year it is commemorating the first bicycle race around Mallorca. One hundred years have elapsed since this first tour around the island was held. It was back in May 1913 when the Official Newsletter announced this sporting event to Mallorcans.
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