Hermitage Sant Honorat

A chapel with incredible views over the south of the island

The southernmost part of mount Cura is home to the Sant Honorat sanctuary. It dates from the 14th century, when Arnau Desbrull requested permission from the bishop of Majorca to found a spiritual refuge dedicated to Saint Honoratus.

It dates back to 1394, when Arnau Desbrull requested permission from the bishop of Majorca to found a chapel dedicated to Saint Honoratus at that spot. The façade of the church still has a Gothic gravestone with a date that commemorates the blessing of the first building (1397). It was chosen by Father Joaquim Rosselló for his retreat, and he founded the congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart months later at that spot.

An esplanade with holm oaks leads onto the main façade, built in 1888 in a certain neo-Romanesque style. The façade has two symmetrical portals with round arches: one of them leads onto the courtyard of the church while the other leads to the gate. The church (1654-1661) has a façade with a flat portal, with the image of Saint Honoratus, the founding stone and two coats of arms. The temple is rectangular, with three aisles, barrel vaulted with lunettes, three side chapels and a tribune with a groin vault at the entrance, as well as the square-shaped chancel.

The inside contains the rooms for the congregation and the Blessed Francesc Palau oratory, a small free-standing chapel, with the image of the Virgen del Carmen and the Virgen de la Empanada (‘Mare de Déu de la Panada’), from the second half of the 20th century. Further up there is an impressive lookout, with a sweeping and spectacular view.

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