Hostels and shelters Parque Nacional de Cabrera

A night on the best preserved island in the western Mediterranean

Discover the sky that opens every night over the magical island of Cabrera. Spend a night in the shelter in the national park. Silence, stars, sea breezes and yourself.

The Cabrera National Park is one of the most unique and best preserved places in the Mediterranean. It consists of a small fortress, a fisherman's hut, a military building and a small cafeteria, and you may think that a day trip is enough to explore Cabrera.

As soon as you arrive on Cabrera and discover the scenic beauty of this small island, when you swim between the fish swarms and the clear waters and the famous Cova Blava (Blue Grotto) are seducing you, you will understand why a shelter is on the island: So that you can spend a night in paradise.

The shelter has 12 rooms and comfortable facilities, so you can enjoy the wonderful natural park in which you are. From the terrace you can say good-bye to the day while you watch the sun sink into the sea.

When the last boat leaves the island and only those who enjoy the privilege of a night on Cabrera are left behind, you can hear the silence and be practically alone in one of the world's most privileged places, alone with the nature and the most beautiful sky you ever have seen.

Did you know that on Cabrera the stars are particularly light because of the low light pollution? You can certainly want something as soon as you see shooting stars. Maybe you would like to visit us again soon...

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