Local product Albercoc de Porreres

A sweet and delicate fruit, which invites you to discover the cuisine of Majorca

Ripened in the sun of the Mediterranean, the albercocs from Porreres are a tasty bite, which should not be missed during an island visit.

Mallorca is rich in independent products, which nourish its privileged and versatile cuisine. A good example is the alberocs (peaches) from Porreres, a fruit variety with lots of fruit pulp and delicate taste; it matures at the end of May in early June and is the harbinger of the summer.

It is golden yellow and tasty fruit. It is grown with different varieties especially in Porreres, on the Pla de Mallorca plain. Its sweet taste and delicate texture can be enjoyed both freshly and in the form of the orejones, which is, dried in the sun.

The albercoc from Porreres is an essential part of typical sweet dishes of the island such as the ensaimada or the coca de albaricoque, as well as marmalades and other jams. Over the last few years, the best chefs have been exploring and discovering new applications for this fruit, creating new dishes such as ice cream, sauces or even tapas.

The coca de albaricoque is a variant of one of the most traditional Balearic pastries: airy dough of potatoes and pork loaf, to which the alberocs, either fresh or from the can, are placed, to give the whole a sweet and delicate note.

The queen of Balearic pastry, the ensaimada, also has a variety of apricots. It is not as well-known as the lisa or the one filled with cabello de ángel (transparent threaded pumpkin jam), but the ensaimada de albercoc can be found in the best bakeries in Majorca and is ideal as a dessert, as a snack in the afternoon or for breakfast.

The albercocs from Porreres can also be used for the production of delicious jams and marmalades, which retain the full flavor of this unique fruit variety. Another option: the dried peach, with a slightly bitter note, is bathed in black chocolate; thanks to the contrast between the two flavors, it becomes a fruit filled chocolate candy - an irresistible temptation.

For those who want to get to know and experience this wonderful product, the Fira de l'Albercoc de Porreres exhibition is the best opportunity. It takes place in June. For several days, the locals devote themselves to their beloved and famous fruit, with events like cocas contests, demonstrations of craftsmanship related to peaches and show cooking – a  unique opportunity to get to know this tradition and passion of the village of Porreres and to discover its many facets.