Local product Coca de patata

The typical pastry from Valldemossa

The coca de patata deserves a special place among Mallorcan pastries. The recipe of this coca de patata is very simple. The pancake is made from potatoes, sugar and pork lard for filling the mold. With a little bit of powdered sugar it is a tasty snack.

The coca de patata is the perfect excuse for a trip to Valldemossa. There is no better plan in winter than to visit a bakery or cafeteria in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, and dip this casual pastry in a milk coffee, hot chocolate or a 'lacao' (a typical shake in Mallorca).

Each bakery or cafeteria offers this pastry in Mallorca, but if you go to Valldemossa, the coca de patata is a true institution. Use the visit to the Charterhouse, the Archiduque Luis Salvador Path or the search for the Chopin footmarks to make a stop and taste this tasty coca.