Local product Crespells

The family tradition of the Mallorcan Easter celebration

Crespells are tasty biscuits of various sizes and shapes; they are eaten throughout the year, but traditionally at Easter, when families and friends gather together to bake them.

Together with robiols and the panades, they are part of the traditional Easter week, although it is believed that these delicious biscuits have a Jewish origin. For this reason, these biscuits traditionally have the shape of a flower with six leaves, the same number of peaks as the star of the Jewish star.

Today, these biscuits are baked in many shapes: stars, hearts, flowers, fishes and various thicknesses. In Manacor and other places in the east of the island there is a variant of the crespells, which are slightly thinner and have a human form. They are called senyorets.

Crespells can be found all year round in bakeries, small groceries and cafeterias, and at Easter time in all the homes on the island.

To prepare these treats you need grated lemon peel, half a glass of orange juice, half a glass of oil, 100 grams of pork lard, flour, and 200 grams of sugar. Do not forget: always select local products, such as the oranges from Sóller or Mallorcan oil; they are recommended to reach the true Balearic flavor while baking.

The ingredients must only be mixed until homogeneous dough is produced. Take a rolling pin to reach the right thickness. Then the dough is cut out and baked for about 20 minutes. Finally, the crespells are powdered with powdered sugar, and are ready to eat.

Another way to experience the Majorcan culture!