Local product El frit mallorquí

A tasty historical dish

The Mallorcan recipe book is based on the medieval tradition, such as the frito mallorquín, a delicacy that you cannot miss on your journey through Mallorca.

The frito mallorquín is an institution of the island kitchen. It is roasted meat with guindilla (cayenne pepper), garlic, pepper, laurel, fennel, clove and cinnamon. In addition, potatoes, red peppers, spring onions and broad beans - all of them fried.

The recipe dates from the 14th century and was already published in the book Llibre de Sent Soví. The recipe varies with the season, with ingredients such as artichokes or green baby beans. It is believed that the recipe has a Jewish origin because there are similar recipes in the Jewish-Sephardic and Arabic cuisine, although with other kinds of meat.

The frito mallorquín is a versatile dish that changes its name according to the ingredients. Thus the frito de matanzas is prepared in the slaughter season with pork and the frit de Pascua with lamb meat. The frit mariner on its part replaces all meat varieties with squid, mussels, shrimp and monkfish and other seafood.

You will find this dish in the typical cellers. These were in the past wineries, which today are transformed into restaurants with traditional cuisine, especially in the Part Forana (outside the city of Palma), especially in Inca, Sineu and Petra.