Local product Gató d'ametlla de Mallorca

The traditional taste of Mallorca

Made from almonds, sugar, eggs and grinded lemon peel, this tasty dessert is part of the Mallorca´s rich gastronomic heritage. It is dusted with powdered sugar and usually served with ice cream.

The Gató de Almendra takes its name from the French cuisine of the 17th century: Gâteau means French cakes. The secret of this delicacy is its most important ingredient, the Almendra de Mallorca (Almond of Mallorca), with geographic protected origin. It is distinguished by an excellent greasiness and a rich flavor. Their taste is particularly sweet, and therefore this almond is particularly suitable for the preparation of delicious cakes and pastries.

You can find this cake in bakeries, bars, restaurants or gastronomic markets in all the Balearic Islands. In the summer, it is ideal to eat it with a ball of almond ice, a feast of textures and taste, which passes directly onto the palate. It is also delicious with coffee or tea, but the best is to enjoy it with a good cup of hot chocolate.

The Gató de Almendra is made with the following ingredients: take 6 fresh eggs from which yolk and protein are separated, 200 grams of sugar, 200 grams of grinded Mallorcan almonds, grated lemon peel, cinnamon and powdered sugar.

The preparation is very simple and you can try it at home: you only have to whip the egg whites, and in a second container mix the almonds with the yolks, the grated lemon, the sugar and the cinnamon. As soon as the mixture is finished, the egg white is added, and the whole is put into the oven in a butter-greased form, and voilà. Wait until the cake is chilled, decorate it with icing sugar, and finish the cake.

Good news for all who cannot tolerate flour! The flour in this recipe is an option. Ideal is to make the cake exclusively with grated almonds. This is the true Mallorcan recipe. Always take the best local ingredients to ensure your bakery is crowned with success!

Now you have another reason to fall in love with in Mallorca. Come and enjoy its rich cuisine!