Local product Herbes de Mallorca

The aromas of Mallorcan fields in a bottle

This liqueur is made from aniseed and up to thirty different herbs. Manufactured and bottled in Mallorca, it has a medicinal origin, and has now mutated to a delight for the palate. It is the perfect culmination of every tasty meal.

With its deep green colour, Hierbas de Mallorca is a legacy of the centuries, and its production brings together the families of the island. The recipe for this liqueur may show variations but the base is always the same, based on aniseed, ethyl alcohol, water and the typical herbs as fennel, orange blossoms and leaves, orange peels, lemon peel, lemon leaves, chamomile, eucalyptus, lemon verbena, lemon balm, mint leaves, rosemary, green walnuts, coffee beans, mauve... up to thirty different ingredients can be contained in this liqueur .Every master has his own recipe.

Its origin was medical: the 16th century pharmacists prepared it to fight diseases. In the monasteries, distillates were produced for medical use, thanks to the digestive effects of these herbs. On Mallorca, the production of this liqueur was so important that up to 177 retorts with an annual production of 780,000 liters were counted in the 18th century, of which more than half remained on the island. 

This liqueur, which has a protected geographic denomination of origin, is produced and bottled only on the island. Depending on the sugar and alcohol content, three types are produced: sweet, mixed or dry; the first are made with more sugared anise, while the dry variant contains more alcohol. In terms of consumption, the liqueur can be enjoyed pure or with ice. Anyway, this liqueur is the culmination of any Mallorcan meal.