Local product Rubiols de Mallorca

Crescent shaped gastronomy and tradition

Rubiols is a Mallorcan typical pastry for Easter week. The dough is sweet, and you can find the pastries filled with jam, spaghetti squash jam, curd or chocolate.

Its origin is probably Jewish and related to the dry biscuits without yeast, which were consumed during the Jewish Passover feast. They symbolize the unleavened bread which the Israelis took with them when they fled Egypt.

You can find this pastry in bakeries, small groceries, cafeterias or restaurants and on gastronomic markets; although it is a typical pastry of the Easter week, you can find it all year round in all Balearic Islands.

Their sweet version is filled with homemade jam, curd, spaghetti squash jam, cream or chocolate, and the most traditional version is filled with apricot jam.

They can be tasted for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. During celebrations, they are offered as a small starter.

The secret of this delicacy of the island are the local products for their preparation. For the dough, take 1 Kg of baker's flour, 130 grams of sugar, 1 cup of oil, orange juice, 3 yolks and 400 grams of pork lard.

For the preparation of the dough, mix the orange juice (preferably orange from Sóller) with the remaining ingredients until you get a homogeneous and dense mass. Let the dough rest for a few minutes. Roll the dough up to the desired thickness and pierce circles of 15 or 20 centimeters. Place the filling on these circles and close the dough pieces to crescent shaped pastries.

Now the dough bags come into the oven on the tin until they are baked. Quite simple, isn´t it?

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