Local product Sobrassada de Mallorca

The classic sausage

There are few products that are as classical as the sobrasada. The sausage is made from pork. Its red color is obtained with the Cayenne pepper. The sausage has a protected designation of origin.

On Mallorca you will hardly find a pantry where the sobrasada is missing. The Mallorquines hardly leave an opportunity to simmer this sausage on black bread or refine their dishes with it.

The sausage is made with selected pork, lean meat and bacon, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. There are different ways to present the sobrasada, and they depend on the type of intestines in which they are filled: longaniza, rizada, culana, poltrú...

There are two distinct phases in their preparation. During the first phase the sausage is prepared. The meat is chopped, mixed with the other ingredients and filled into the casings. In the second step the sausage is hung up to dry.

In 1996, the European Union protected the sobrasada with a protected designation of origin. A second label was added to specifically protect the sobrasada associated with the meat of the cerdo negro (black pig), an autochthonous Mallorcan species.

Nowadays, there are several factories on the islands that produce this sausage, but many farms also produce their own sobrasada. The sausage is very popular and can therefore be found in many shops, in small grocery stores as well as in supermarkets. You can choose how to eat your sobrasada: raw or grilled on bread, with honey ... But the sobrasada is also used in the recipes of many dishes, and more and more chefs use them of all kinds of dishes.