Local product Tomàtiga de ramallet

An essential component of the pa amb oli

Tied together, the ramallet tomatoes are one of the treasures of the Mallorcan vegetable orchard. Its distinctive taste and aroma make this tomato variety one of the most popular autochthonous varieties.

The ramallet tomatoes are part of the Mallorcan household. It is a local and unique variation which can be enjoyed even in the winter. After the harvest, the tomatoes are pulled on cords and hung on the ceiling or stored in drawers. These tomatoes have a reddish-orange color and especially a lot of pulp which makes them ideal for enjoying on bread.

The ramallet tomato is an essential part of the pa amb oli, one of the culinary institutions of Majorca. The black bread roasted or not, is rubbed off with the tomato, thus giving all its pulp and taste. Then add olive oil and some salt. It does not take much more to prepare one of the simplest and most delicious dishes of Mallorcan cuisine. You can crown the recipe with a cheese or ham slice.

The ramallet tomato is cultivated with other types of tomatoes, which are consumed at the moment of the harvest. The vegetable gardens are filled with reed structures that allow the tomatoes to grow into the sky. Banyalbufar was one of the first villages to cultivate these varieties and is considered the cradle of this type of tomato.

The ramallet tomato is so common in Mallorca that you can buy it on the markets, in vegetables shops or in any grocery store, loose or suspended on cords.