Manor house Granja de Esporles

A place to relive tradition and history

The Granja de Esporles is an important 17th-century country manor surrounded by gardens and natural springs, an ideal place to savour traditional Majorcan cooking and relive its agricultural past.

La Granja is located on the old Moorish farmstead of Alpic, which fell to Nuno Sanç during the Conquest of Majorca and was then occupied by Cistercian monks. Major reforms on the estate were undertaken in the late 17th century when it was owned by the Fortuny family.

This country "possessió" has noteworthy elements from classical Baroque style, such as its open-air double gallery with ionic columns arranged like a loggia. Inside, it conserves traditional Majorcan furniture and several elements of great ethnological worth. The tour runs through all the rooms and has a shop offering traditional products such as Majorcan wines, sweets (fig bread, buns), bread with sobrasada, cheeses and cured sausages.

Its historical gardens show a wide variety of native plants, including an ancient evergreen at the far end of a pond. Visitors will also find a number of traditional farm animals such as pheasants, ducks and geese.

The farmstead has a restaurant and can be hired for events and celebrations.

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