Museum Castell de Bellver

City history museum

Visit the City History Museum and enjoy extraordinary views of Palma from the heights of Bellver Castle. Continue reading for more information.

The Bellver Castle is surrounded by a large pine forest, currently used as one of the city’s parks. It was built on the orders of James II of Mallorca, and finished in 1310. Once completed, James II set up his court there, but his successors did not continue the practice. This castle was used very little as a defensive point, although it had an important function during the Revolta de les Germanies (Rebellion of the Guilds) and some Turkish attacks. When it no longer hosted the court of James II, the castle was put to other uses: As a summer residence for Peter IV of Aragon, as a refuge against the plague epidemic, but above all as a prison.

The castle houses the City History Museum and the Despuig Classical Sculpture Collection. A visit allows you to enjoy fabulous views over the city and bay of Palma. It is a singular building in relation to European castles of the Gothic period. Also noteworthy is the contrast between its outer, defensive architecture and the refined nature of the palace inside. The museum gives you a tour through Palma’s history and its urban evolution from the Bronze Age up to the present. Collections of archaeology, municipal heritage and models, the “Despuig” Collection, classical sculpture collections and Guided tours to the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower) by appointment.

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