Museum Museu del Fang

A walk through the local pottery tradition

The Museu del Fang presents the set of techniques, shapes and functions that the various cultures have given to pottery items, with a special focus on local pottery tradition.

The Museu del Fang (Clay Museum), installed in an old restored mill, the Molí de Sa Cabaneta, was conceived to display the wealth of techniques, forms and functions that different cultures have given pottery pieces, present in societies of all periods and origins. It initially centres its focus on traditional Mallorcan pottery, and specifically in the clay pottery of the town itself. 

The Museu del Fang collection consists of approximately 900 pieces of which 400 are of traditional ceramics and the rest include more artistic pieces. Furthermore, there is a section of pottery instruments and tools which have become part of the museum’s collection after a pottery closed down. Traditionally, pieces are classified according to their origin and are subdivided into sections according to use and other functions: kitchen implements, ornamentation, toys and building materials.

The museum consists of four rooms and an outside terrace that is occasionally used.

C/ des Molí, 4
07141 Marratxí



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