Tower sa Pedrissa

Vestiges of a tower to defend against attacks coming from the sea, with spectacular views

This 17th century defence tower was built as a permanent enclave to protect against enemy raids. It is accessed on foot through a private property.

The tower is located on the grounds of the sa Pedrissa private ‘possessiò’. A private path needs to be followed to reach it.

It has a tapered shape, with well-carved masonry walls in horizontal rows. It is in a relatively good state of preservation.

It sits on a privileged spot because of its original purpose of protecting against raids coming from the sea. It served to protect mainly the Deià cove, the main landing point, and the town. These coastal towers were part of a permanent protection network, so they were common in many estates, normally next to other defence elements.

The tower was paid for by the people of Deià and completed in 1614. During the 20th century, the coast around it saw a great deal of smuggling activity, as portrayed in the film ‘El secreto de la pedriza’ (1925) that was shot in this area of the coast.