Talaiot Talatí de Dalt

An archaeological site that conserves intact the monumental central "T"

The village of Talatí de Dalt conserves a prehistoric sanctuary noted for its monumental quality and the enormous stones it is made of.

The village of Talatí de Dalt is one of the most noteworthy talayotic villages on the east side of the island. Managed by the same family that owns the property, the archaeological site features a large-sized talayot that is partially collapsed on the southern side. 

The foundations of another large talayot are visible on its north side, notably the outer wall built of enormous stones. In the centre of the village is the taula sanctuary with its bell-shaped floor plan and concave façade. Conserved intact is the monumental central T one top of which stands, by pure chance, one of the capital-topped columns that used to surround it. Both capitals, of the taula and of the fallen column, have been in balance since time immemorial. This coincidental arrangement has made this taula a unique monument on the island. Built up against the taula was a hypostyle room that still conserves one of its central columns.

Toward the southeast can be seen three underground chambers, called hypostyles because they were covered with large stone slabs held up on stone pillars. These chambers were used for storage or as dwellings at different particular times.

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