Cathedral of Mallorca International Organ Festival

A breath-taking scenery for lovers of organ music

Held since 2000 to commemorate the anniversary of the death of composer Johann Sebastian Bach, over the years it has established itself as a must-see event for lovers of organ music. Every Sunday in October, you can enjoy a concert that brings world-renowned organists to the beautiful setting of the Cathedral of Mallorca. You will be spellbound by the acoustics of this immense 44-metre high Gothic church and the unique light that seeps through the multicoloured rosettes. A magical experience!.

Welcome on behalf of the Cathedral Chapter. Welcome to the Organ Festival of the Cathedral of Mallorca.

This evening's ceremony forms part of the celebrations of our most important festival, the Dedication Festival:  671 years ago, the monumental Cathedral where we are today was dedicated to the divine religion of the Christian Community by Bishop Berenguer Batle.

This 17th Cycle combines tradition and vision for the future; it aspires to valorise the organ, present in the cathedral since the 14th century.

The quality and the origins of the participating organists - from Mallorca to Russia, Italy and Germany - is proof of its international importance.  

The following concerts will be performed by four internationally renowned organists: Arnau Reynés, Roland Börger, Sergej Tcherepanov and Lorenzo Ghielmi.

This year the concerts revolve around a specific theme, giving each concert a different character. The programme sheets contain texts written by the organists, as an enrichment to their musical performance.

The presence of art will be felt in two dimensions, in space centered on the architecture, and in time centered on the music.  This evening, the beauty of the Cathedral will shine through both aspects of space and time.  


01.10.2017 / 19:45h

Arnau Reynés (Spain)

The influence of romanticism and post-romanticism on majorcan composers.

8.10.2017  /  19:45h

Roland Börger (Germany)

The Nord German influence in the Bach’s organ works.

15.10.2017 / 19:45h

Sergej Tcherepanov (Russia)

Visions of the symphonic organ: from Franz Liszt to Marcel Dupré.

22.10.2017 / 19:45h

Lorenzo Ghielmi (Italy)

Bach and Pärt, spiritual music.

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