An example of simple religious architecture of Ibiza

Church built on a hilltop in the 18th century. Its austere architecture is characterised by an appearance of solidity from having no ornamentation and few openings to let in light.

This church was built on a hill in the 18th century at the initiative of Bishop Abad i Lasierra. The interior is laid out in the Latin cross with side chapels and a barrel-vaulted ceiling. Noteworthy is the glazed ceramic tile trim along the bottom of the walls, creating a kind of wainscot. 

On the outside, it is solid in appearance, a feature reinforced by the entry porch only opened by an arch and a small window with a lintel, and a small hollow that holds three crosses. All its walls are whitewashed in quicklime, except for a square tower attached to the north side, which features plain stone. 

07812 Sant Joan de Labritja



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