Puigpunyent (Mallorca)

Puigpunyent's great location, just 15 minutes from Palma de Mallorca, and the beauty of its natural surroundings make Puigpunyent a splendid accommodation option for exploring this beautiful natural setting and the rest of Mallorca.

Puigpunyent offers excellent opportunities for experiencing nature. It offers a large number of routes, including in the different villages in the surrounding area (Galilea and Son Serralta). It has a lot of country roads, which in the old days were used to connect the possessions (agricultural estates) or the surrounding villages. In fact, the possessions of Puigpunyent are famous in Mallorca for their monumentality.

It also has a rich and unique ethnological heritage, the result of agricultural activity and the harvesting of natural resources found in the area, such as mountain cisterns, lime and gypsum kilns and areas set aside for making charcoal.

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