Ibiza, the underwater island

Sheltered by the Posidonia fields, Ibiza's seabed is a blue temple giving life to thousands of species.

With two hundred kilometers of coastline and a dozen islands of great beauty such as Sa Conillera or Ses Margalides, Ibiza is a world reference for those looking to enjoy bottle diving. An underwater island that hides incredible treasures full of life and the purest Mediterranean essence.

Following Don Pedro's footsteps

Don PedroDon Pedro

Although there are different underwater sceneries that come to life in Ibiza, the one that shelters Don Pedro is one of the most popular.

Sunken in Ibiza´s waters in 2007, Don Pedro is one of the main demands for divers visiting the island. With four possible dives to choose from, this dive route ensures scenarios of incredible beauty and authentic underwater treasures to more than 30 meters deep.
One of the most important maritime events in Ibiza's recent history was the sinking of Don Pedro, a ship of the Iscomar Company that became part of the underwater kingdom of these islands after crashing against the small Islet of Dado Pequeño.
Transformed into a real treasure under the sea, the visit to the largest wreck in Europe is all a real attraction for more experienced divers looking for something totally different. An underwater scenery with a unique visibility that remains intact thanks to the protection of the Posidonia fields.
Wrapped by the Posidonia, full of marine life and with most of its hull located more than forty meters deep, the Don Pedro underwater route is recommended for divers experienced in underwater trips with bottles. With more than fifty dives per month, this option is undoubtedly the most demanded in Ibiza.

Cueva de la Luz and Columnas de Hércules, two underwater kingdoms

Cueva de la LuzCueva de la Luz

Bathed by the turquoise blue of Ibiza´s waters, this route is an all underwater tour to luminous caves and breathtaking landscapes.

With various levels of difficulty, the underwater route of Cueva de la Luz and the Columns of Hercules brings us to a wonderful world in which to discover all the magic of some seabed of the island of Ibiza that presents us in the form of caves and luminous passages
The second stop on our underwater itinerary on Ibiza takes us directly to two of the most beautiful diving areas of the territory of the Pitïusas Islands: the Cueva de la Luz and the Columns de Hercules. Two itineraries between the port of Sant Miquel and Sant Antoni de Portmany which, although can be enjoyed separately, together give rise to a highly recommended underwater experience.
The beautiful cliffs of Cap d'Albarca are in charge of welcoming us to this dive area which can only be reached with the help of a boat. Its warm waters, exceptional visibility and different degrees of difficulty make it a unique highlight in Ibiza's underwater itinerary.
And while the underwater passage through the Cueva de la Luz takes us into an unequaled world full of light in which color and life are more dominant notes, the Columns of Hercules give us an unparalleled space to enjoy the bottle diving in a diaphanous space guarded by large natural columns adorned with colonies of reddish polyps.

Las Gorgonias, the submarine route of Ses Bledes

Las GorgoniasLas Gorgonias

About six miles from Sant Antoni is the area of Las Gorgonias, a deep underwater route full of unique natural colors.

Although the traditional diving manuals refer to it as the “Bleda Menor”, this natural area near Sant Antoni is known by divers as "Las Gorgonias". A name already accepted by the locals that is given by the abundant presence of this marine animal colony.
Beyond the Posidonia fields and sunken ships like the popular Don Pedro, the seabed of Ibiza is pure color, a shade that has little to envy the waters of the Caribbean Sea and reach its maximum splendor in diving areas like Las Gorgonias. An area offering sensational dives and whose main claim is the walk among hundreds of colorful gorgonians.
The mere fact of arriving by boat to this diving area is already an experience and is that Las Gorgonias is in the heart of Ses Bledes, an archipelago that is located about six miles away from Sant Antoni and offers dives of up to fifty meters deep.
Although many dive without a guide, to enjoy the experience to the fullest, it is advisable to have the support of local divers who indicate the exact point in which the main submarine claims are located.

A last stop at Sa Conillera

Sa ConilleraSa Conillera

Our last stop takes place in Sa Conillera, a diving area near the waters of the capital full of film-worthy underwater scenery.

Habitual for the recidivist divers who have Ibiza as a point of reference, Sa Conillera is an underwater area full of life and unique corners. A route under the sea whose depths reach the twenty meters and that has like outstanding point the rocky formation of the Conillereta rocks.
No trip that aiming to enjoy the seabed of Ibiza should come to an end without an underwater walk through which is one of the mythical areas of the island of Ibiza: Sa Conillera. Located just a short distance from the Ibiza port of Sant Antoni and surrounded by intense blue waters, Sa Conillera offers scenery full of animal and plant life that can be accessed with relative ease.
The temperate climate of its areas (which is common throughout the year) and its excellent visibility make the underwater route through Sa Conillera perfect for all those who want to know about the most authentic and beautiful flora and fauna of our Mediterranean Sea: from leafy Posidonia fields to banks of barracudas.