Beach De Migjorn

An unspoiled, quiet and long beach!

A large part of Formenteras south faces the sea through this 3.5 km long and on average 40m wide beach.

It is the ideal place for all lovers of the sea, especially for families who want to spend an unforgettable beach day. It has the shape of a large crescent, with different sections, separated by rocks, which have their own name: Es Mal Pas, Es Ca Marí, Racó Fondo, Códol Foradat, Es Valencians, Es Arenals and Es Copinar. You will see the wind and the sea modeled sections, sometimes with small caves. The sections with the most visitors are those that are accessible by car, such as Es Ca Marí, Es Arenals and Es Copinar, where some hotels are located. Like most of Formenteras beaches, this is also a nudist beach. Thanks to its length, you can find secluded sections, but also those where you can rent chairs or chiringuitos (beach bars), where you can enjoy the delicious culinary offer. This section is part of the Área Natural de Especial Interés de Platja de Migjorn-Costa de Tramuntana protected area, with sections of wild beauty, dense pine and juniper forests, cliffs and crystal clear waters with sandy seas where the Posidonia lives and for diving invite. 

The access road is easy and you can leave your car close by. You can also reach the beach by bike from Sant Francesc.