Beach Racó de s'Alga

A paradise beach in S'Espalmador

This enormous beach of 1 km is located on the western side of S'Espalmador, the natural extension of Punta Es Trucadors.

It is a private beach, which can be used by all and can be explored on foot. The most famous beach section is S'Alga, an unspoiled and idyllic beach with very fine, white sand, and a vast dunes system, on which juniper bushes grow. The beach has crystal-clear water and a lot of mud, with which many bathers rub themselves, as they attribute to the mud soothing effects. The only trace of human life is Sa Torreta, an 18th century guardhouse and a farmhouse. The natural setting is wonderful, like a setting for a film with shipwrecked and happy ending. 

You can reach S'Espalmador only with a private boat or one of the daily ships from La Savina, which stop on this idyllic Illetes beach.