Church Mare de Déu del Pilar

The church at the high point of Formentera

18th century church built when the island was repopulated. Its construction was motivated by the distance separating the only church on the island (Sant Francesc Xavier) from the inhabitants of La Mola.

Although there used to be an Augustinian monastery called Santa Maria de Formentera in the Middle Ages, it broke up in the early 14th century. 

With the island depopulated until the late 17th century, there was no need for churches. During the first years of the 18th century, colonists from Ibiza settled on Formentera, some in La Mola. 

By 1760 there were thirty families, who began to request a church of their own, since they were too far away from the Church of Sant Francesc Xavier. Construction of the church started around 1771, and was subsequently enlarged and remodelled on several occasions, especially the rectory. 

An atrium was also added in from the of door, in the style of the churches on Ibiza. The simple rectangular building has a single nave. 

It is listed as a Bien de Interés Cultural.

Pl. de l'Esglèsia, s/n
07872 Formentera



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