Lighthouse Cap de Barbaria

The moderner of the two impressive lighthouses on Formentera

At the far southern tip of the island, Barbaria recalls the presence of the African coast far out to sea. For the safety of mariners, this lighthouse was built, raised on a rough landscape of rocks and wind-blown shrubs.

The lighthouse had been projected in 1924 but was not built until 1971. It rises 78 metres above the sea and its intermittent beam of light can be seen from as far as 18 miles away. It has no auxiliary buildings other than being near the Es Garroveret Defence Tower and the Foradada Beach Cove

The Cap de Barbaria is a large portion of Formentera, an area (or "vendà") that belongs to the parish of Sant Francesc Xavier. These lands were inhabited in prehistoric times by the first inhabitants on the island around four thousand years ago.

During the repopulation of Formentera in the late 17th century, most of Cap de Barbaria was kept for the Spanish Crown. Thus come many place names in the area, such as camí del Rei (King's Road) or pla del Rei (King's Plain). The king had the tower built (ca. 1760) at Cap de Barbaria, also known as Tower des Garroveret, not far from the Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse.

It is not recommended visiting Cova Foradada because it is not suited for visitors and may be dangerous.

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