Church Mare de Déu del Carme (Iglesia de Es Cubells)

A modern church made from an old chapel

The chapel of els Cubells, enlarged and remodelled, became a parish church following the Spanish Civil War, although it took a long time to build and was done in various phases.

The parish church of la Mare de Déu del Carme was completed in 1958 as per the project from 1941 by Majorcan architect Rafael Llabrés.

 It was originally a small oratory (1864) that was added to the new church as the chancel, and had been a centre for pilgrimage for people on the island. After the Civil War, the building was in more and more ruinous conditions, so it was decided to refurbish it and enlarge it, although the work took many years and was stopped on several occasions.

The church features the standard characteristics of churches on the island: it resembles a fortress and its decoration shows great simplicity, most notably in its broad, whitewashed stone walls. The building itself is small in size, has a single nave covered by a barrel-vaulted ceiling. It is supported on buttresses.
The buttresses jutting out from the building are hallmarks of this church.

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