Convent or monastery Los Dominicos

An old disbanded convent now houses offices of the Ibiza City Council.

Religious architecture from the modern period, built between 1592 and 1730, currently used for religious and administrative purposes. Especially noteworthy is its chapterhouse.

Construction of the convent and church began in the late 16th century and went on until the mid 18th century. It was the work of master craftsmen from Genova.

It features two cloisters that organise the layout of the rooms. On one side is the church, a single nave with vaulted ceiling, decorated with 19th century wall paintings by Vicenç Matas, and side chapels faced in polychromatic glazed tiles (18th century) with a few remaining Baroque altarpieces. There is another Baroque altarpiece (17th century) in the chancel. It has a choir and a sacristy. On the outside are four tiled domes from the 18th century.

What remains of the convent is mainly the cloisters and the chapterhouse, with its vaulted ceiling and black and white wall murals depicting the allegory of the rosary given to the Virgin Mary by St. Dominic.

After the seizure and sale of church lands in the 19th century, it was given different uses: City Hall (since 1833), jail, hospital, school, etc.

It currently houses municipal offices while the chapterhouse is used for cultural activities.

It is listed as a Historical-Artistic Ensemble (1969).

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