Craft product Joieria tradicional a Eivissa

Get to know the precious emprendades

Ibiza can rightly boast of its extraordinary craftsmen of noble metals. Their work can be admired, for example, in traditional costumes. The women adorn their breast with precious chains (emprendades), which are the true miracles of the craftsmanship of Ibiza.

The traditional costumes are a real treasure. They capture everybody’s attention for their ornaments, especially the women's costumes. The emprendada with the artfully crafted chains, crosses and medallions, plays a very special role.

There are two types of emprendada, which are worn according to costume and celebration. The oldest consists of silver and red coral, with several coral necklaces, decorated silver needles, and filigree cross (with details of coral, pearls or precious stones) and the joia (a richly decorated medallion with the image of the Virgin). The other emprendada is similar to the first, but consists of gold and fine filigree work.

This jewelry is rounded off with the rings worn on all fingers except the thumb. Some are seals, squared and bear the family coat of arms. Finally, the earrings and the dress buttons are part of the jewelry.

In the case of the male costume, we must especially mention the bells on the waistcoat. They are also worked in a filigree manner and sound when dancing.

According to tradition, these jewels were the dowry of the brides. The girls received their first emprendada, a chain or the cross, on the day of their first communion. This first gift was then expanded over the years with others. The young women showed their ornaments during the Sunday mass, the processions or dances ... It was also custom that the groom gave 24 rings to the bride on the day of the wedding.

Today, some companies with a long family tradition in Ibiza are processing this jewelry with their handwork and find inspiration for new creations in the emprendades. To admire this jewelry there is nothing better than a 'baile payes' - a peasant dance - organized on the island in honor of the patron saint or on other occasions. It is impossible to be charmed by this jewelry of great beauty and tradition.