Flea market Hippy Market de Las Dalias

A sample of creativity in Sant Carles

Sant Carles, in the north of Ibiza, has been organizing the famous Las Dalias market on Saturdays for several decades. On this market, the stands with clothing, craftsmanship or jewelry are only a part of its rich offer.

More than 200 stands can be found on the Las Dalias market. It is held between April and October on Saturdays from 10:00 to 20:00. In the summer, a somewhat more relaxed nightly version is added on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays from 19:00 onwards.

A stroll through the gardens of Las Dalias between the stalls, with its colorful fabrics and exotic aromas, is like a little journey through time and space from which it is very difficult to return empty-handed. Jewelry, crafts, textiles and accessories, musical instruments, decorative items, paintings...

But the market offers much more: books, antiques, records, massages and also various culinary offers: from tapas, homemade pizzas, a fusion restaurant, cocktails and ice-coffee ... There are also DJs' sessions in the afternoon and various music events.

Las Dalias has its origins in the famous road bar, opened in 1954. The bar was opened by a farmer and a carpenter who wanted to renew the village´s rural atmosphere. The bar enjoyed a big success among the locals as a dance bar, and later, as a restaurant, and already in the 60s great also among tourists.

After a rest period the bar returned to life thanks to the parties of the newly arrived hippies. They celebrated their festivals in the garden of Las Dalias. It began with performances by anonymous musicians, but soon came international stars such as Bob Marley. From the mid-sixties Las Dalias made a name for the concerts. The market began in 1985, with only five stands and few visitors.

Today Las Dalias hosts up to 200 sales stands and welcomes on Saturdays in August 20,000 visitors. The market also has an on-line catalog.

The Las Dalias Market is located at Km 12 of the Eivissa-Santa Eulària-Sant Carles road, five kilometers from Santa Eulària and just before Sant Carles de Peralta.

Carretera San Carlos, Km12
07850 Santa Eulària des Riu