Interpretation center Es Amunts, la síntesis de un entorno protegido

The interpretation center, where you can discover the natural values of Ibiza´s northern coast of Ibiza

This interpretation center in Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, offers a summary of the geographical, natural, scenic and cultural values of the mountainous area of the Tramontana of Ibiza.

This modern location gives you the opportunity to get to know the many values of these 15,000 hectares of Ibiza´s north coast of Ibiza. In the Es Amunts Interpretation Center you can travel through the landscapes of the water, the cliffs, the forests and the traditional and ethnological elements of this natural area of the great Pitiüsa island, such as their traditional rural architecture.

The interpretation center is built of stone and glass. It has large windows giving the feeling of being in the middle of the nature described and analyzed by the interpretation center. Inside, you will find smaller facilities, and you can enjoy an exhibition hall and a movie hall. The interpretation center is rounded off in the outdoor area by a botanical garden; it shows examples of the representative flora that lives in this unique place.

In Es Amunts, you can enjoy both permanent and temporary exhibitions and get to know the library. They also receive ecological advice, information about the sights, and can participate in environmental workshops. The interpretation center also works as a tourist office.

For more info: +34 971 325 141.


Ctra. Sant Llorenç, s/n (Junto al aparcamiento del IES Balàfia)
07812 Sant Joan de Labritja


+34 971 32 51 41