Local product Panades i Cocarrois de Mallorca

Two classics of the Balearic cuisine, which will conquer the most spoiled palate

Panades and Cocarrois are part of the Easter week tradition; the different versions of this pastry will turn into small delicacies that you must not miss.

The panades are round pastas without yeast, filled with meat, vegetables or fish, although the most common variant is filled with lamb meat. Lamb meat is especially tasty at Easter time. The panades with fish were common in the fasting season. The dough can be salted or sweet, and is the same as in the cocarrois. The cocarrois, with their peculiar half-moon shape, are filled with Mallorcan vegetables, such as cabbage, chard, or cauliflower, to which are added pine kernels and peppers.

Traditionally it is common to get together with the family or friends during the Easter week to prepare these Majorcan specialties. But you can find the panades and cocarrois all year round in bakeries, small groceries and cafeterias and even in some restaurants specialized in Majorcan dishes.

These Mallorcan pasties with a meat filling are particularly popular, and the most palatable is the Mallorcan sobrasada stuffed.

A pleasure for your senses!