National park Marítimo-terrestre del archipiélago de Cabrera

Visit this and discover the biodiversity of its surroundings

In less than ten kilometers south of the Cap de Salines on Mallorca is the Cabrera archipelago, a place that will seduce you with its generous nature.

The island of Cabrera offers the visitor pure nature, a dreamlike location with the feeling of being far from civilization where time has stood still, and in an almost untouched area only ten kilometers from the coast of Mallorca.

Life takes place in this archipelago both in water and in the countryside. More than four hundred plant species and two hundred species of fish and numerous invertebrate animals (in addition to the birds that visit or nest on the archipelago) renew the pact between heaven and earth with eternity every day.

Cabrera is also an underwater paradise. The famous Cova Blava is in this sense one of the most emblematic spots, especially in the afternoon, when the sunrays illuminate the cave and produce spectacular light effects and a bright blue that can hardly be found anywhere else.

Illa de Cabrera
07640 Ses Salines


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