Winery Jaume Bennàssar

Denominación de Origen Binissalem - Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca

In 1996, Jaume Bennàssar acquired the Can Desveri estate and planted six hectares of Sirà, Manto Negro, Merlot, Callet and Cabernet Sauvignon vines, a total of 20,000 stocks in twenty-four linear kilometres. T

he first wine coincided with the celebrations for the birth of his granddaughter Catarina, on 8 August 1998, which he took as an auspicious sign. In its short but intense history, Bodegues Jaume Bennàssar has stood out for its special onnection with the table of the prestigious Orient Restaurant, which he runs himself and which has become famous for its specialities. 

The search for a suitable match for the restaurant's speciality, suckling pig, demands a fleshy wine with a good structure on the palate, a wine with heavy, abundant tears and an intense passage across the palate, an aroma and taste of wood and new leather, without the slightest hint of astringency, rounded, ideal for the suckling pig and the delicate, crispy roast skin. The restaurant also offers an excellent variety of game and pasture cuisine.
Camí dels Puputs, s/n. Polígon 9, 168
07143 Sencelles


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