Natural Monument Torrent de Pareis

A spectacular and movie-like place

This is one of the most beautiful excursions you can plan during your stay in Majorca. A picturesque beach like Sa Calobra, the mountains and ... the magic of the highest cliffs of the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains form one of the island´s most beautiful natural landscapes.

The Torrent de Pareis is a 3 kilometer long ravine with high limestone walls. It begins in s'Entreforc, where two further gorges -Lluc and Gorg Blau-unite and flows onto the beautiful Sa Calobra beach. It was declared a natural monument back in 2003.

It is difficult to estimate the natural and scenic value of this place. Because of its climate and geography, the stream is rich in flora, with more than 300 species found to date such as the Mallorca violet, locally known as the viola roquera and the plant locally known as cossiada de penyal. Yet there is also a wide range of fauna here, including lizards, water snakes, wild pigeons and countless bird species. However, the star species is the minuscule amphibian endemic to this region, the ferreret, a Mallorcan midwife toad (Alytes muletensis). 

The access is via the pretty country road leading to Sa Calobra, by boat from the port of Sóller - with a view of the pretty and rugged coast of the Tramuntana Mountains, or on foot crossing the gorge.

Like every year during the first week of July, take place at the Torrent de Pareis, an Open Air Concert. Jazz, gospel, soul... the natural acoustics of the monumental ravine highlight the brilliant voices of the singers even more during this annual meeting.

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