Formentera in 2 days: things to do and see

Places to visit, excursions and activities in Formentera for all tastes

The island of Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands and is famous for its crystal clear waters and endless beaches where there is no shortage of dunes and pines. But the island has much more to offer. This exclusive island can only be reached by sea from Ibiza (approximately 35 minutes), which can be reached by plane or boat from the peninsula. If you are planning a weekend in Formentera, this article is for you. Below we detail the main tourist attractions of the island, activities you can do during your stay and must-try dishes. The perfect guide for your visit to Formentera.



If you are looking for tourist attractions in Formentera, in this section we give you a list of places that you cannot miss on the island given its tourist interest. Formentera has options for all tastes: art and culture, nature, sport, tradition, etc.

Below you will find a list of varied tourist attractions, so you can organise your trip by visiting those that interest you most. Let's go!

1. Faro de la Mola

This lighthouse is located at the highest point of the island, just on the edge of a cliff of more than 150 meters. Thanks to the views it offers it has become one of the most visited places in Formentera, and one of the most photographed by tourists. Here's some inspiration: Instagram images of the Mola lighthouse.
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Visitar el Faro de la Mola en Formentera

2. Ses Salines Natural Park

The Ses Salines Natural Park, located between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, is the main protected natural space of this island. Walking among its ponds, getting to know the biodiversity of the area, plunging into its crystal-clear waters and snorkelling among its seabed are some of the activities we recommend.
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Vista al Parque Natural de Ses Salines

3. Megalithic tomb of Ca na Costa

This archaeological site has positioned itself as the most spectacular of the Balearic Islands among other similar funerary buildings. In addition, its location makes it one of the most visited tourist attractions, as it lies between the Estany Pudent pond and the town of Es Pujols, two other places that you must visit in Formentera.
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4. The urban nucleus of San Francisco Javier

This town, thanks to its set of historical constructions, is undoubtedly the most interesting in Formentera, also it is a quick town to visit so you can combine it with other routes. During your visit you cannot miss the church of San Francisco Javier (Sant Francesc Xavier) and the historical complex we mentioned, called 'Sa Raval'.  
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Núcleo Urbano de San Francisco Javier en Formentera

5. Museum of Ethnography of Formentera

Formentera culture fans will not be disappointed. Despite its small size, the island has an ethnographic museum to learn in detail about what traditional life was like among the island's inhabitants. In addition to this museum, you can find an interpretation centre of the Ses Salines Natural Park and many other cultural activities.

How to get there.
Visitar el Museo de Etnografía en Formentera


If you are looking for activities to do in Formentera during your stay, below we offer some ideas: 

1. Shopping at artisan markets

The island has preserved its hippie essence and demonstrates it in the different markets that attract tourists to buy handicrafts and walk around their stalls. We recommend that you visit the La Mola hippie market, which you can do every Wednesday and Sunday from May to October in the heart of La Mola lighthouse.
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Ir al Mercadillo de La Mola en Formentera

2. Discover Formentera by bike

Formentera is ideal for cycling because of its small size and the amount of flat surface it offers. It also has well signposted cycle paths and green circuits, ideal for observing the island's biodiversity and architecture.

 Recorrer en bici Formentera

3. Snorkelling

In another article we told you about the best beaches of Formentera, including some that are good for snorkelling or diving. The waters of Formentera invite you to immerse yourself in them, regardless of the beach. The pleasant temperature of the water throughout the year (22° to 27°), together with the great biodiversity it contains, make the island an ideal destination for fans of this sport.

Hacer snorkel en las playas de Formentera

4. Travel the Formentera coast by kayak

If you are passionate about water sports, you will love discovering the coasts of Formentera by kayak. The island's small size and its good weather conditions will make it very easy for you. As well as getting unique views of its beaches, lighthouses and towers, you will be able to admire the marine fauna and flora from your boat.  
 Rutas en kayak en las playas de Formentera

5. Discover the mill route

Formentera has 6 windmills that are classed as cultural heritage of the island. You can combine the visit to some of them with other activities that we have suggested. You will love the traditional appearance of these mills, for more information about this click here.


The most demanding pallets have an excellent reason to travel to Formentera and taste each of its gastronomic treats. Many of the specialities will leave you with an unforgettable taste in your mouth that will make you want to cook them for yourself when you go back home.

Many of its dishes and products have become gastronomic references, such as the Peix Sec de Formentera, a unique artisan speciality made by drying fish in the sun. This product is used in a multitude of typical dishes, such as ensalada payesa.

Ensalada payesa en Formentera

In general, the quality of the fish on the island is excellent and can be seen in many dishes: bullit de ratjada, rape a la cassolana, bonito casserole with fennel and capers, bull d´anfos, etc. Likewise, seafood also makes up many of the must-try dishes.

You can't leave without trying other typical products from Formentera: liquid salt, artisan fresh cheese, honey, dried figs, bescuit, herb liqueur, etc. Shall we continue? 

Peix sec en Formentera

Now that you have a guide with places to visit and plans to do in Formentera, organise your trip with your favourite ideas and enjoy this haven with personalised routes. 

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