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Welcome to the Balearic Islands, a Unesco World heritage site

The Balearic Islands have four UNESCO distinctions in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Find out in this article wich they are!

The chosen places are confirmed as the most valuable of the whole world: small pieces of paradise, which must be protected and admired. The Balearic Islands are one of these privileged places. They have won four awards from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Would you like to know them?

Mallorca, the Serra de Tramuntana and The Song of the Sibyl
It is one of the most magical places on the island: 90 kilometers of nature in pure condition harmoniously coexisting with the work of mankind: valleys with picturesque villages, impressive cliffs, beaches with fine sand and turquoise water. The Serra de Tramuntana, appointed World Heritage in the culture category, is one of the island´s main attractions and a pride for all the islanders.

Serra de Tramuntana: guide for visiting it.

The Song of the Sibyl was awarded as intangible cultural heritage in 2010 for its cultural and historical value. It is a solemn medieval song, which is sung every year on the 24th of December during the midnight mass, filling all the churches with ardor and respect. Do not miss this experience if you are staying on Mallorca during Christmas.

Menorca, Biosphere Reserve
It was not possible to select individual parts; it had to be taken as a whole. All Menorca is protected by the UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. The recognition was granted in 1993.

The inhabitants of Menorca have managed to use the natural resources of their island intelligently. They have increased the value of endemic species and contributed to Menorca´s heritage with the network of stone walls built without mortar and the other architectural elements. You should not miss these elements. Well known as „Green Island“, Menorca is an oasis of calm with an invaluable and natural value: an environmental treasure in pure condition. Let this natural paradise act on you!

Ibiza, Dalt Vila and the Posidonia meadows
Ibiza's turn came in 1999. The appointment of the beautiful fortified Dalt Vila as a World Cultural Heritage makes it the best preserved fortress of the entire Mediterranean area.

The award comprises the island´s historic center, as well as the Puig des Molins y Sa Caleta archaeological sites and a large part of the beautiful sea ecosystem that the island shares with its sister island Formentera.

The sea grass meadows on the seabed are the most admired in the world, not only thanks to their excellent conservation status but also because they are responsible for the extraordinary color of the water. Refresh yourself on the beaches of the Pitiusas islands; they are waiting for you; dive with the fishes and begin to believe in it: yes, you are on the Balearic Islands!

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natürliche Landschaft Sierra de Tramuntana (Andratx, mallorca)

A wonder of nature


Events Cant de la Sibil.la (Escorca, mallorca)

The ancestral song of the Mallorcan Christmas Eve


Nature park Albufera des Grau (Maó, menorca)

The complete immersion in the nature of Menorca


Historical complex Dalt Vila (Eivissa, ibiza)

Dalt Vila is in the heart of town, housing the most representative buildings of political, religious and commercial power