Local product Orelletes, Flaó i Greixonera

The representative, delicious sweet pastry of the Pitiusas Islands

These tasty pastries are part of the gastronomic tradition of Ibiza y Formentera; they are the sweet `it´ at family celebrations and can be enjoyed all year round.

The orelletes (ears) are the typical pastry of Ibiza. Their name comes from the peculiar ear shape. You will find the orelletes in bakeries and gastronomic markets all over the island. They are ideal for breakfast or afternoon snack, with coffee or tea for dessert. Like all traditional recipes, the orelletes have numerous variations. In some places these biscuits take the form of a flower. But the ingredients are always the same: eggs, flour, aniseed, sugar and olive oil.

The flaó and the greixonera were formerly very much associated with family festivals and Easter week, but they can now be found throughout the year.

The flaó is a round cake, prepared with fresh cheese, eggs and mint. The ingredients - local products - make the flaó an irresistible treat. The dough is prepared with water, oil, baker's egg, some pork lard, matafaluga (aniseed grains) and a small sprinkle of aniseed. For the filling, take eggs sugar, fresh sheep's or goat's milk and some peppermint leaves.

The greixonera is one of the most typical desserts of the island and one of the most popular among the insect inhabitants and visitors. The name comes from the form in which it is baked, a potted vessel called greixonera. It is said that this cake has a special origin: to use the ensaimadas of the previous day. The cake looks like a pudding, but its taste is unique. It is prepared with eggs, ensaimadas, milk, sugar, lemon, cinnamon and butter.

A sweet bite of island culture and tradition!